Colorado At Its Best

Monday, October 13, 2008

Being away from my homestate of Colorado for almost ten years made me forget just how beautiful the state really is. Here are a few pictures that try to do it justice.

The cavernous main terminal of Denver International Airport was built to resemble the snow-capped peaks of the nearby Rockies.

DIA is the second-largest airport in the world and the eleventh busiest.

The distinctive rock formations in the mountains outside of Boulder, home of the University, are called the Flatirons.

There are a number of trails open all-year round for both the novice and expert hiker.

Kids don’t try this at home, expecially right after finishing a four-hour flight.

Pikes Peak, believe-it-or-not, is only Colorado’s 31st tallest, and is the second most visited mountain in the world behind Japan’s Mt. Fuji.

  • james

    Great photos. People still remember the Denver Airport's rocky start, and don't give it proper kudos now. With almost unlimited space, a well designed runway layout, and plenty of low fare options its a great airport to use – even if its a bit of a hike from my neighborhood downtown.

    10 years ago I was driving down to Colorado Springs for low fares. Ugh.

    Great photos too – all the best


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