The Ultimate Trip: Following The Footsteps Of Marco Polo

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I can admit that I watch way more public television than anyone under the age of 50 probably should (or should admit to), but where else would you find a documentary about two semi-unhinged guys who set out in their mid-40’s to retrace Marco Polo’s journey through some of the roughest and most dangerous parts of the world?

It turns out that they’re really not that unhinged, they’re just two guys who love to travel for most of the same reasons the rest of us love to travel: the love of adventure, the chance to meet new people, the addiction to experiencing other cultures. For my favorite part, check out around 6:25 on the second-to-last segment called “Return To Venice” where the guys look back on their epic two-year trek and remark how the trip helped them discover that the world really has more good people than bad and how “travel is the enemy of bigotry.” So true. I couldn’t put it any better.

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