Travel Guide to Bogotá, Colombia

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here it is, my Bogotá video, the first of three videos I’m doing from my trip to Colombia. Next up is Medellin, then Cartagena and the Caribbean Coast.

Bogotá, Colombia’s bustling capital city, is one of the best places to explore Colombian culture for the very reason that the city is full of Colombians from all over the country. In this video I check out the view from the top of Cerro de Monserrate, see the sights around Plaza de Bolívar, and travel to the small town of Zipaquirá, where I head deep underground to visit the famous Salt Cathedral, a cathedral carved out in the middle of a mountain.

  • alejandro

    good video, and great page you found jhon

  • John R

    Interesting videos and views of Bogota, I found a Bogota travel guide, they have pictures of the places you mention in the videos. Bogota is an interesting place to go any time of the year.

  • Chris

    Did you work for the Travel Channel?? Just Kidding. You did a great job on this video. Did u have any help shooting it?

    • Hey Chris, no I didn't have any help, just a mini-tripod and lots of curious onlookers.

  • Robert White


    Great video! I would love for you to add a video of Thailand. We have some great sites as well. Keep us in mind.

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