Iceland’s Economic Collapse = Influx Of Visitors


It’s probably best not to be too vocal while your on the street about the fact that one of the main reasons you’re in a particular country is how cheap everything is and how your otherwise meager lifestyle is elevated to that of a swingin’ business mogul during your trip. But let’s face it, currency imbalances can mean the difference between going and not going to many places — what do you think is a major selling point for travel to Argentina, Southeast Asia, and South Asia — and Iceland, post-financial collapse, is now, not too surprisingly, is becoming a hot spot for winter getaways.

Whereas before the various hot springs, bumpin’ nightlife, and only-in-Iceland scenery was still looked upon as a somewhat odd choice for many travelers, hotel rates half of what they were before and sub-$400 flights are causing many to rethink travel to this island of 320,000. And I’ll add one more tempting word: Bjork.

Published on January 07, 2009

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