Sign Of The Times: Gap Years For The Newly Unemployed

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In what may be a telling sign of the troubling economic times we are in (wow, that was such a lofty introductory clause, I should totally send in some ideas to Obama’s speechwriter) the “gap year,” or what could more accurately be described as a forced extended vacation with no visible end, are now “in” for those people way past their college years.

Around the world as employers shed jobs, more and more of the unemployed are turning this crisis into an opportunity (I believe it was Lisa Simpson who said that both words are the same in Chinese) and hitting the proverbial road, embarking on that epic vacation they’ve been putting off for years. We here at are not in fact laying anyone off, and I assure our entire staff here, including Rolf, our in-office D.J. who provides ambient techno to our offices during they day, that your jobs are indeed safe.

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