Videos From The South or Videos From Places I’d Rather Be On My Birthday

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well it’s not officially my birthday yet for another hour — unless you’re in the Canadian Maritimes, in which case let the revelry begin — but I thought I’d go ahead and imagine spending it in a couple of places I’d rather be today, an annual tradition that I usually partake in given the fact that my birthday falls in the dead of winter and I’ve spent the majority of my life in some very un-tropical locations.

Okay, cruising through the frozen fjords of Chilean Patagonia may not be a huge departure from the frozen streetscapes of New York, but take a look at some of the views beginning on 2:24 that you’d get if you were there and I guarantee you wouldn’t be thinking twice about the cold. Plus, you’re in Chile. An hour flight and you’re back in warm paradise.

If you have more than a few days to spend in Buenos Aires, why not go ahead and sign up for a few tango lessons? It looks fun, it’s a great way to get a taste of the culture, and why wouldn’t you want to spend most of your waking hours there hand in hand with an instructor like Maria Jose?

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