2009: The Year (Finally) For Traveling With The Dollar

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I know that I’ve somewhat been harping on this whole dollar-is-good-to-travel-with-again story for a while now, but for all those readers outside of Obamaland, at least let us Americans revel in this for at least a little while before it inevitably ends (ahem — bank bailouts, deficit spending, etc…).

Don’t forget how we’ve spent the last half-decade wallowing around with our crappy U.S. Dollar while the rest of the world was taking advantage of incredible bargains and cut-rate deals — especially here in the U.S. I can remember last summer watching as the hordes of British and European visitors emptied out of cheap American stores with bags full of goodies while I was counting out quarters to buy myself a cup of coffee.

Anyways, as is pointed out here, some of the best places to take advantage of the conversion rate right now are Turkey (down 30 percent), South Africa (down 50 percent), Mexico (25 percent), Chile, (30 percent) and India (25 percent); not to mention Iceland, Colombia, and Laos. As far as visitors coming here? There’s still some bargains to be had. Hotel vacancies are up as travel lags, and there are a few stores that haven’t gone out of business yet that will surely be offering some heavy discounts for the time being.

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