NYT Travel Show: Post 5 (When Worlds Collide: TheExpeditioner.com Meets The Frommers)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Right before I begrudgingly allowed the Frommers (father and daughter power-duo Pauline and Arthur) to take a picture with me (okay, in reality I tracked them down and forced my camera onto an unsuspecting passerby), I told Arther how I was blogging the event as I handed him my card. “Oh yes,” he responded, “at the end of every day I’m always thinking about my own blog and what to write about.”

“Don’t you just have one of your underling editors do it for you?” I asked incredulously.

“No, no, I assure you that’s me every day.”

And with that little bit of humility, I was quickly reminded why he’s the most successful guy in the biz and has been for the past 55 years. He and his daughter are also probably two of the nicest as well, something I couldn’t say about some others (I’m looking at you GoNomad.com). Afterwards I started to wonder how many employees in the world are allowed to call their boss “Daddy” and not be promptly fired on the spot.


Earlier the Frommers gave a talk entitled “Best Bargains For The Year Ahead” where Arthur pointed out how quickly things have changed from only several months ago when many people thought the age of affordable travel was over. Now the dollar’s strong, oil prices have dropped and bargains abound around the world as the economy is forcing airliners and hotels to slash prices.

Pauline gave her own insights into tracking down the best deals on the web (check out BiddingForTravel.com to find out what others have paid on Priceline).

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