NYT Travel Show: Post 6 (The Travel Channel Personalities Appear – Minus Anthony Bourdain)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Here’s The Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern of “Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern,” one of the most energetic and funniest speakers of the day.

He revealed the title of his new spinoff show (Bizzare Worlds), the grossest thing he’s ever had to eat on his show (stinky tofu in Taiwan), and why he likes to wear orange (it’s a slimming color). Actually he didn’t say this, but in my own humble opinion I think that rotund individuals should probably avoid wearing colors that make them resemble certain vegetables associated with Halloween.


Samantha Brown of “Passport to Great Weekends” was greeted (to her surprise — mine too) with a near rock star reception. Take a look at the standing-room only crowd here at the back of the capacity-filled room.


Samantha gave the crowd a sneak peek at her new season then proceeded to answer questions for about 45 minutes. When someone asked her about the “entourage” that accompanies her, she quickly brushed off any insinuation that she had an entourage, then cataloged the number of people that are behind the camera on her show (director, assistant director, cameraman, soundman, and wait for it . . . stylist); a crew member I’m pretty sure Bourdain or Zimmern do not bring along, but someone whom I personally feel is essential in crafting my own videos. You think this hair is easy?

Rick Steves was there too. He also gave a couple talks. You know that saying: if you don’t have anything good to say . . . ?

But check out the fully automated R2-D2 waiting patiently outside the men’s room door (assumedly from ComicCon next door)!





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