NYT Travel Show: Post 7 (Tourists v. Travelers?)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The highlight of this year’s show was the talk I attended entitled “Travel Through the Eyes of the Travel Writer,” moderated by travel writer David Farley with fellow travel writers, Danielle Pergament, Adam Sachs and Tom Downey. Credits between the four of the include CondeNaste Traveler, Travel + Leisure, New York Times, Playboy, and many others.

As I review my very non-journalistic notes taken on my laptop during the talk, I see that I need to learn to take better notes. Anyways, here were the highlight quotes:

Adam: “Looking lost and confused is a good icebreaker; people will take then take pity on you.”

Tom — what do you do to prepare before going somewhere? “I really love to read a lot of fiction about the place that I’m going. I especially like Idlewild Books here in New York where they group the books by country.”

Danyelle: “When you go somewhere, don’t forget what you thought about that place before you got there because this is exactly what your readers will be thinking.”

Final travel tips?

Adam: “Pack Pepto-Bismol tablets.”

Danyelle: “Avoid concierges.”

Tom: “Speak to immigrants that live in your city about their country before you go.”

Favorite Destination?

Tom: “Cape Verde. Portuguese culture, incredible beaches, and amazing music.”

Adam: “Tasmania. One of these places that Australians think of as the Australian Appalachia, but it really is very beautiful. Kind of like a weird combination between Scotland and Aruba.”

Danyelle: “The northern coast of Libya. Empty, so beautiful, and amazing food.”

David: “Belfast. Fantastic place and very friendly people. Intoxicating in more ways than one.”

The above clip is the panel discussing that age-old question: What does it mean to be a tourist versus a traveler? Their answers may surprise you.

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