Blogging Colombia For Carnival

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Amanda, over at Jaunted, is blogging her trip down south to Colombia (sound familiar?). I’m looking forward to following this trip. I don’t know why it is, but don’t you always like to hear about someone else’s trip to somewhere you’ve recently been?

I’ve heard a lot of other travelers say this too, and I’m not sure why this is. Either you’re curious to see how different a place can be when seen through someone else’s eyes, or you’re curious to see if they ended up having a better (or worse) time than you — in which case you can either be jealous (or happy). She seems to be seeing things similarly as I did so far, so no difference there, and she seems to be having a good time, and I’m extremely happy for this, so maybe it’s more of the former than the latter. Of course, it’s late February and she’s going to be down there during Carnival; when I was there a giant cold front was dumping a torrential amount of rain — let’s see how long I last following her trip.

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