Top 10 New York Joints For Rock Music (According To A British Newspaper, Publishing A Brooklynite’s Article)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This article on the top 10 venues in New York for rock music caught my eye, not because they’re all in Brooklyn — the area’s been ground-zero for live music for at least the past decade — but for the fact that they’re all located right around my apartment. In fact, I could easily just roll out of bed, skip a shower, and throw on whatever was lying around on my floor and be inside at least three of these bars within about five minutes (and, come to think of it, would likely look like I fit in just perfectly).

And like any good traveler knows, to know a destination is to know its music, and there’s no better way to get the vibe of Brooklyn than its music scene. For those visitors looking for the best shows while in town, pick up a copy of the L Magazine (kind of like the Village Voice — but good) or visit for daily listings and recommendations. And for food? Feel free to stop by my place. I have a wide variety of cereals and uncooked rice, perfect for a long night out. Oh yeah, I’d also add MonkeyTown as a number 11 to the list. I’d describe it as this: Warhol on an Absinthe binge decides to go into fine dining.

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