St. Pat’s Day With Kelley — Who Else Would You Want To Spend It With?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I promise this will be the extent of my St. Patrick’s Day coverage this year (there’ll be plenty more Ireland to come on in a few weeks). Resplendent Kelley over at TripFilms brings us some highlights from the best videos featuring Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. First of all, who is this Zoe Salmon at 0:53 (a quick Wikipedia search reveals she was a contestant on some show called “Dancing on Ice” — okay now I know why I’ve never heard of her before) and second of all, is it me or could you listen to that accent all day long? Is she really from the same country as Colin Farrell? How does one sound like a Gaelic Mary Poppins and the other sound like that guy that lives in the subway stop near my house?

I also like at 1:28 where Cozette attempts to track down where the best Guiness in Dublin is served (apparently across the road from the factory — something to do with freshness, makes sense).

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