Kho Pi Pi Is For Lovers, And For Travelers Too

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The newest video from John and Cara — who’ve been traveling the world on an epic two-year honeymoon (see all their vids from the trip so far here) — finds them in Kho Pi Pi, one of Thailand’s most famous islands (see The Beach and The Man with the Golden Gun). Parts of the island still bear the scars of the devastating tsunami (2:33) but with views like these (1:31), it’s hard to imagine people won’t be coming here for the rest of time.

For those single folk who aren’t very happy being alone and who are reluctant to watch any sort of video from someone else’s honeymoon, I’d highly advise you to fast forward through the gratuitous Andaman Sea-frolicking that begins at 1:02. For those happily married folk who spent their honeymoon somewhere that involved snow and/or winter jackets, I’d advise the same.

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