How To Talk Internationally For Nearly Nothing

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My recent travels have been exclusively cell-phone free, which has had both its advantages and drawbacks. It’s a strangely comforting feeling to revert back to those pre-mobile days where you truly can become detached from the rest of the world (minus your daily blog postings of course), and where meetings take on that old-fashioned feeling (I’ll meet you at 3 in the square, if we don’t see each other, then it was good to meet you). Of course, this can also mean planned encounters often go astray (crowded squares, delays, etc . . . ) and calls via public phones can eat up precious travel time (what exactly was that country code again and when do I enter it?).

To help you out, the Frugal Traveler’s dishing on how to make and receive calls internationally for nearly nothing, all it takes is an unlocked phone (time to strike up a conversation with that shady bodega owner on the corner), a local SIM card, and a Skype account. Unlock the phone, buy a local SIM card, set up a Skype account (thanks Estonia!) and that’s it. Calls to your cellphone will go to Skype, then back out again and to your traveling number. Now to figure out how to block calls from work on Skype . . .

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