Is Globalization Killing The Irish Pub?

Friday, March 27, 2009

One person’s authentic Irish pub may be someone else’s Olive Garden. It seems that with the onset of globalization and the increase of culture exportation, the traditional Irish Pub is the latest to be recreated and commoditized around the world. This article at World Hum discusses the new book, A Pint of Pain, one man’s Super Size Me look at the global pub industry, and the effect it’s had on the originals back in their homeland.

This is exactly what I’m worried about for my trip to Ireland on April 8th. I loathe the idea of finding myself in a pub that I stumbled upon and then to realize that I’m in some sort of mock-up created during the country’s recent boom, filled with German and Australian tourists sipping Guinneses. My solution to this problem is to look for the pub with the most old-timers inside, because you know that place has probably been around for ages if they’re there. So I pledge to go to only pubs where the median age is around 67. That should do it.

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