The Top 10 Pubs In London

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who better to come up with a “Top Ten List of the Best Pubs in Londonthan the guy who wrote the book on it? Peter Haydon spills the beans on his favorite drinking joints in London, with the White Horse topping the list (looks a lot greener on the site than I would’ve imagined London’s top pub to look like, doesn’t it?), followed in second place by Coach & Horses (described here as “a famous dump, but still a dump”).

A quick Google search comes up with a list of the top ten bars in NYC, for those looking to compare and contrast. It’s funny, but if I were to come up with a description as to how they compare, it looks like the London joints lean towards history and tradition, whereas the NYC bars gain accolades for sheer, mind-numbing variety. Says something about the two cities, doesn’t it?

  • Lindsey

    Matt, I think you should make your own Top Ten Bars in NYC. Maybe it could be a regular series — Top Ten ____. You could do this while you travel — Top Ten Sites, Top Ten Coffee Shops, Restaurants, etc.

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