Matt And Kelley Make A Video

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

After meeting the folks behind back in February at the NYT Travel Show, I spent a good portion of the next few weeks badgering them into letting me guest co-host their “Best Of” weekly series with the always effervescent Kelley.

Finally, after having enough of my relentless pursuit, they acquiesced, and Kelley and I headed out last weekend for a little on-location shooting in NYC’s Central Park. I think it actually turned out pretty well, especially given the fact that we had no cameraman, and between us both we had a combined 6 hours of sleep. Also, the camera wasn’t stolen, Kelley didn’t succumb to hypothermia, and I was able to say the word “pee” (count them, three times) on camera for the first time in my life (2:32).

As you can see at 4:32, after walking around all afternoon (including a 10 block trip in the wrong direction looking for Strawberry Fields — definitely my fault) we decided to do the last shot sitting down, for artistic purposes, obviously.

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