Ireland Trip: Day 3 (Part Two: Dry Good Friday)

Friday, April 10, 2009


I somehow have this uncanny ability to travel to places during the wrong holiday. Sweden during Midsummer, Good Friday in Dublin. From what I’ve seen, the only things open tonight are a shawarma restaurant and the internet cafe where I’m typing right now. Very odd for Friday night in Dublin.

But what turned out be a downer was actually a blessing in disguise. My hostel had the foresight to stock up on beverages and hire a traditional Irish band to perform, which actually turned out be something that was probably more fun than what most people would experience out on a typical Friday night in Dublin. The amazing performers quickly had everyone clapping along, dancing in the center of the room, and singing along (surprisingly fun even when you don’t know the lyrics!).

Side-thought: I really need to learn to blog pre-festivities. Thank god for spell checker.

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