Hear The One About The Employer Paying You To Travel The World?

Monday, April 20, 2009


Anyone else catch this story about the girl getting paid by her company not to show up to work for a year and travel the world and get paid $80,000 while doing so. Oh the humanity, stories like this make me want to do something crazy and irrational with my health like go bungee jumping off a bridge or watch “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Turns out it’s not all good, she’s actually a lawyer and has been toiling away, working 14-hour days (with probably very little vacation) at a no-nonsense job for the past six years, and she’ll have to go back to it after the year’s up (if they take her back):

Looking to cut costs like everyone else, but not prepared to lay off associates, Skadden [her employer] has chosen instead to offer all of its associates — about 1,300 worldwide — the option of accepting a third of their base pay to not show up for work for a year. (So far, the partners have no equivalent arrangement.)

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