NYC For Free This Summer

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Fodor’s has a list their top 14 things to do for free (or almost free) while in NYC this summer. Since I happen to be both a little bit of a cheapskate and a resident of this fair city, I thought I’d take a look and highlight the best of their suggestions. For the full list click through the above link.

#7) Ride the State Island Ferry

I really like this one. The ferry is free, which makes it anywhere from $25 to $40 cheaper than the harbor cruises catering to tourists, and you’re pretty much seeing the same sights (Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, downtown Manhattan skyline, Staten Island — yeah there’s no getting around that one).

But, you may ask, there’s no bar on the ferry like there is on the cruises. Well guess what, you’re in NYC, odds are no one’s bothering you and your paper bag as you sip Shiraz while the sun sets over the harbor.

#5) Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets at the TIX Booth

It still amazes me how many people come to NYC and pay full price for Broadway and off-Broadway shows when the vast majority of those same shows can be seen for 50% less. Just head to either of the three TIX booths on the day of the show and bring cash (credit cards not accepted). Yeah you may not get perfect seats for some of the more popular shows, but that extra $100 in your wallet feels really comfortable to sit on during the show.

#13) Explore Brooklyn

I may be a little prejudiced on this one, but again, it still amazes me how many visitors come to NYC and stay within that small amount of space in Manhattan between 14th Street and Central Park. How, shall we say, prosaic is that? To see NYC, leave Manhattan. Visit Queens, venture into the Bronx, but most importantly, wander around Brooklyn. You could easily spend a week spending very little money by exploring Williamsburg, Greenpoint DUMBO, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and many of the other eclectic neighborhoods where the real New Yorkers live. The best part? No tourists!

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