Top 10 Things You Need For Traveling

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beach legs

Here’s a list over at of the top 10 things you need to bring with you while traveling. A few are no-brainers (#3/4 – guidebooks, #5 – camera, #1 – backpack), but there’s one that I absolutely, completely need and remind myself to buy but still haven’t done so: #10 – a quick drying towel.

I can’t think of anything that smells as foul and as disgusting as the oversize beach towel that I bring along with me on every trip. And no matter how long I lay it out to dry after I shower, the thing still manages never to be completely damp free.

Amazon has quite a few on sale, but this one, the Aquis Adventure Microfiber Towel, had the best ratings. So good, that reviewer #3 said he bought one for his mother-in-law for Mother’s Day(?). Yes, he seems to know the way to every woman’s heart: gifts involving practical bathroom accessories.

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