What Will The Future Of In-Flight Entertainment Look Like?

Thursday, April 30, 2009


My guess would have been holographic movies à la Princess Leia or virtual reality movie watching at my window seat. But alas, the future is not so bright, but not so dim so as to be completely disappointed. As this article explores, there’s plenty of new technology in the pipeline to help pass those few hours spent on a plane without having to resort to such mundane activities such as reading (gasp!) or interacting with others (ugh!).

Digital magazines are probably the most futuristic and most likely to be seen soon, since they can both entertain and raise money (duty-free mags) for the ailing airliners.

Wi-fi is still embarrassingly non-existent on most flights (unless you’re on Virgin America or a handful of others), but wi-fi will soon be as ubiquitous as crying babies on most planes in the near future; once everyone figures out how to pay for it, that is.

iPhone-like devices connected to your main seatback screen will let you utilize 3-d maps, make in-flight calls, or fire up some games while you try to avoid that guy who just took off his shoes in the seat over.

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