How Not To Get Sick While Traveling (This Story Has Nothing To Do With Swine Flu)

Friday, May 1, 2009


It’s been a full week and’s been utterly and completely swine flu story free. You’re welcome. But in a related story, one I can relate to personally after having succumbed to a terrible head cold/flu/swine-like illness myself at the end of my stay in Ireland, here’s a story at BootsnAll on six ways to avoid getting sick while traveling.

Most are pretty common sense, like washing your hands like you’re Howie Mandel, and using globs of sunscreen while you lounge out on the beach (better yet, have someone else apply it; a good way to make friends). But what about eating at empty restaurants? (Think twice, there’s a reason no locals eat there.) How about staying up all night, not drinking enough normal liquids, and getting little to no sleep? (Yup, bad for the body too. Now they tell me.) Click through for the full list.

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