Frugal Traveler Does Portland — Free Beer And Strip Clubs Ensue

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Frugal Traveler did Portland, Oregon, this week (not one of the other 19 Portlands around the U.S., but who knows, maybe Portland, Arkansas will be soon) and he found that this city known the world over as a mecca for foodies and coffee lovers is actually a surprisingly cheap destination, what with all the free beer being passed out at clothing boutiques, $0 Monday morning coffees, and random dudes offering up their forest cabins and all.

One of his highlights while there (despite being constantly reminded of the high quality of life and laid-back lifestyle) was his run-in with the 400-strong food-cart scene (you can watch the video here) where one, despite the advice of their cardiologist, can intake everything from schnitzelwich at “Czech Out Czech Food” to $5 double burgers from “YouCanHasCheeseburger.”

He finishes the week with $2.50 beers and pinball at an arcade called Ground Control and $5.50 eight-ounce steaks at what is described by many Portlanders as a rite-of-passage, the Acropolis Steakhouse Plus. Which begs the question: how many New York Times reporters go to strip clubs while on assignment, and how many of those find a way to work it into their story? I think this one might be one of the rare few.

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