Your Guide To 2009’s Best Offbeat Summer Festivals

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


You know that time of year when the air starts to warm, the trees begin to bloom, and you suddenly have the urge to surf nude at night or to hurl fresh produce at your neighbor? Yup, that means summer’s around the corner, and if you want to partake in any of these activities in a group setting, you’re set (head to Sydney during their Fringe Festival for the former and head to Bunol, Spain, in late-August for the latter).

For a list of these and other wholesome festival activities this summer, check out this article.

Other abnormal pursuits include wife-carrying races at the Akankanto Festival in Sonkajärvi, Finland; massive water gun battles at the Water Festival in Songkran, Thailand; and, well, whatever hippies do in their free time, at Burning Man on August 31st.

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