Epic Roadtrip Through 4,000 Years

Friday, May 15, 2009


Friday afternoon is always a good time to do a little daydreaming about epic trips, and I think a motorcycle (or motorbike for you Brits) trip from England, through North Africa, up the Middle East, and back into Europe would certainly qualify as one (and earn you some true travel cred).

And this is exactly what Nick Laing is doing — and surprise, he’s blogging about it at the UK Times. According to his Steppenwolf-enabled interactive map (kind of annoying), he’s uploaded dispatches from Algeria (with stops in Tipaza, Kasbah, and Batna) as well as from Libya (via Tunisia) so far.

His latest update finds him in Aqaba after trekking over barnyard animal-infested roadways in Egypt and through the scenic landscape of Sinai:

“The centre of Sinai is extraordinary beautiful. Sandstone hills sculpted into a myriad of shapes by the abrasive action of the wind. The road hugged the contours and we enjoyed every minute of the ride powering round long bends, hills above us.”

I have a manual bike with bad brakes and leaky tires, and I routinely take epic trips through the heart of North Brooklyn, so I can totally relate to Nick here.

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