Kayak San Fran

Friday, May 22, 2009


Because everyone knows that walking around the city is just so pedestrian (rimshot) — eh, sorry, I’m ready for the holiday weekend. But seriously, what cooler way to explore the 470 square miles that make up the San Francisco Bay than on the actual water itself? The LA Times has this article on several companies that offer all level of sea voyagers the chance to take a kayaking expedition into the sometimes perilous waters of the bay (that’s what makes it fun: the off chance you might capsize during a freak squall).

Trips go anywhere from the marshes of San Leandro Bay (“where you are treated to views of basking harbor seals, wading herons and snowy egrets, a host of shorebirds and occasional flights of sandpipers”), to the shorelines of the city itself (“past McCovey Cove and the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark, the soaring towers of the Bay Bridge and the historic Ferry Building”).

To see birds: California Canoe & Kayak

To see humans and their structures: City Kayak

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