Top 10 Travel Twitterers


Luxury travel’s compiled a list of the top 10 most followed travel-related Twitterers, with JetBlue topping the list with over 582,342 followers, followed by Gary Arndt from with 63,396 followers, and in third place, our friends over at Kathika with 46,960 followers. (Related: Matador’s listed their 23 favorite travel twitterers.)

Not sure what this means, if anything, but perhaps JetBlue flyers are move devoted to the everyday goins-ons of their beloved airline than say, Southwest flyers who came in at #4.

I don’t know, does anyone else find it weird when large, faceless, corporate entities are saying things like: “@jnield LUV you too….have a good weekend!” (Southwest — 3:17 PM May 29th) or “I’ve got my JetBlue bling on! Jetting in style to MBJ. ;)” (JetBlue 7:18 AM May 21st)? They’re so personal, I should take a cue and warm up a bit on’s Twitter account, instead of my usual stream-of-consciousness musings such as: “I wore shoes today instead of sandals, even though I wanted to wear sandals. Stupid societal contraints.”

Published on June 02, 2009

  • Heather

    I have no idea why people would follow airlines, unless the companies use their Twitter feed to let people know about last minute travel deals or special discounts.