8 Things You Won’t Be Doing On Your Next Trip

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


When’s the last time you sent a postcard from your trip? How about put together a photo album of your travels? Made a mix tape, used a (paper) guide book, wrote in a journal?

Lucy over at World Hum has put together her list of the 8 endangered travel traditions that are slowly going the way of the dodo, including the aforesaid, as well as other, more disturbing trends, like the unsociable hostel lobby (notice how many people are holed up in front of a laptop on those couches) and the art of getting lost (what’s the matter, your iPhone stopped working?).

However, I have to criticize this list a bit. Sure I’m not dutifully gluing old photographs into a hardbound photo album when I return home, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find me jotting away in a notebook during a trip, but I spend just as much time, if not more, posting my pictures on Facebook/Flickr/TheExpeditioner.com, and blogging daily while I’m traveling. Maybe this was not what was done 25, or even 5, years ago, but is anything really being lost here?

When I think back on it, those pictures in my photo albums that I took from my trip to France and Italy back in 2003 have slowly been gathering dust in my closet since I put them there. However, those pictures that I’ve taken during my recent travels and posted online have been there and accessible to all of my friends, family, and the world since the moment they were uploaded. Same with my travel blogs. And believe me, I really doubt there will be a day that I’ll have fully traded in my copy of Lonely Planet, the one that works no matter where I am in the world, for an iPhone or smart phone with an online guide.

As far as postcards go, maybe I’ll start sending a few. One problem: I don’t know anyone’s home address. Is it okay if I e-mail it?

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