Ryanair To Passengers: Carry Your Own Bags

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ryanair, in an effort to cut costs amongst an industry-wide turndown, is considering having passengers bring their own luggage on to the tarmac — just like taking a bus! As the Independent points out, “the budget airline says the plans could save €20m, through not paying baggage handlers, which would be passed on to consumers.”

I’m more than fine with this. When I fly, I’m paying to get from point A to point B for the least amount of money possible, not for some sort of luxurious transportation experience complete with doting attendants and plentiful amenities.

I really don’t understand all those complaints about the airline industry. I just consider it a miracle whenever this multi-ton hunk of metal, wires and reheated chicken dishes has been able to lift itself into the sky and land back down to Earth safely.

My suggestion: have passengers share in the responsibility of working as flight attendants. I guarantee people would treat their future stewards/stewardesses a little better on their next flight after they’ve spent a little time walking down cramped fuselage aisleways in their shoes for a flight or two. Plus, free access to all the ginger ale you can drink. Score!

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