9 Surprising Things You Miss About Travel

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Find yourself haggling at Starbucks? Get taken aback when you hear English on the streets? Miss having hordes of children follow you down the street? You may be suffering from traveler’s withdrawal, a very real and understandable affliction suffered by those who have returned to the numbingly comfortable and familiar surroundings known as their home after traveling for an extended period of time.

Travel enthusiast and sometimes TheExpeditioner.com contributor Lucy Corne names the 9 surprising things she misses about travel after returning home. From the surprising — Montezuma’s revenge, dingy bathrooms — to the understandable — being treated like a celebrity — the hard part is boiling it down to 9.

The surprising thing that I miss would have to be exhaustion. When traveling I love feeling completely drained and worn out after a hectic few days of moving around. It’s like a physical reminder of all that I’ve done.

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