New Season Of “No Reservations”: Rocky Mountain Oysters Are On The Horizon

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” starts up its new season (#6 for those who are counting) this Monday, July 13th on the Travel Channel. Tony was in Argentina and Brazil in 2007, and it looks like he’s kicking off the new season by rounding off Southern South America with a trip to Chile, one of my favorite countries in the world.

Not sure what I make of the rest of the season. Thailand should be great, it’s kind of surprising he’s waited this long to go. New York Outer Boroughs will offer quite a few options, but his last New York episode mainly took place in the outer boroughs already, didn’t it? I’m Intrigued by the Rockies choice, my home region, who wants to take bets there are Rocky Mountain Oysters involved here?

  • Chile (premieres July 13)
  • Australia (premieres July 20)
  • Rust Belt (premieres July 27)
  • On the Street (premieres August 3)
  • San Francisco (premieres August 10)
  • Thailand (premieres August 17)
  • Rockies (premieres August 24)
  • Burning Questions (premieres August 31)
  • New York Outer Boroughs (premieres September 7)
  • Sardinia (premieres September 14)

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