Standing Room Only Coming To Ryanair?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Yeah, I’d do it. That’s how cheap I am when it comes to air travel. Ryanair is apparently in the preliminary stages of retrofitting its fleet of planes to allow for a “standing room only” or “vertical seating” section where once there were four rows of overly comfortable, gilded-age era seat dwellers.

Will it actually happen? That’s anyone’s guess. As our friends over at Kathika point out, Ryanair has had a recent history of outlandish (depending on who you ask) ideas such as pay toilets and the so-called “fat tax.”

My idea, and stay with me here, is horizontal seating. Just a bunch of yoga mats in the back of the plane, à la kindergarten nap time. Most people just want to sleep anyways, and it’d be a great way to meet your fellow passengers. Just throwing it out there.

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