Where To Eat While In New York City (Bring Your Credit Card)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Your best bet for unforgettable NYC eats is almost assuredly far from any crowds of tourists but likely packed with in-the-know diners in a city known for its food snobbery.

To help ease any dining anxiety you may have at the thought of coming up empty-handed when friends ask where you ate while in the Big Apple (umm, I ate some really good falafel one afternoon at some deli near Times Square), Forbes Traveler has your guide to the city’s best somewhat-under-the-radar joints, including the far West Village’s Braeburn, the not really unknown Buddakan (but good just the same), and the Lower East Side’s Stanton Social.

I’ll throw my two cents into the mix: Dokebi. Some of the best dolsot bibimbap you can get outside of Korea (it’s worth the extra $2 for the heated stone pot it comes in.)

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