Don’t Look Now, Safari Season Is Around The Corner

Friday, July 17, 2009


South Africa’s Kapama Lodge looks amazing, it just seems way out of my (and probably most people’s) price range, though this article over at GoNomad makes you kind of want to just forget about money and go anyway.

However, as noted in the article, the lodge is a private reserve, located next to the far larger, much more open Kruger National Park, which, on its website, reminds safarigoers that the “optimum safari season usually includes winter (May-August) and the hot spring months of September and October. The climate is comfortable in the dry winter months of May, June, July and August. Daytime temperatures are mild and the nights get a little cool.”

Looking for somewhere to stay? Well, how many trips have you had the chance to sleep in a hut? Well you can do it in Kruger, check out these great opportunities here. Or if you’re one of those snooty types, you can upgrade to a bungalow. Oh yeah, now you’re living the life of luxury.

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