Around The World In 365 Days. The Catch? No Plane, No Car, No Hot Air Balloon

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Graham Hughes, a Liverpudlian, is attempting to set a world record by visiting all 192 countries that are UN member states (sorry Kosovo) in just one year without either flying, hitching or driving. (Although, inexplicably, he hops on a plane after missing his bus shortly after arriving in Brazil to begin his trip.) Why, you may ask? To quote Mallory, because it is there. Or perhaps more accurately, because they are everywhere. And because who wouldn’t want to do this?

Of course, he has a website, and you too can follow along his madcap adventures, including his arrest back in early June while in Cape Verde on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant (but seriously, who hasn’t this happened to at least once on their travels?) And for our non-U.S. readers, there will also be a show on the National Geographic Channel everywhere but the States coming out next year.

And anticipating the initial reaction many travelers have when they hear about his trip, Graham addresses the thorny question of why bothering doing this if you don’t have time to really experience where you’re going (my initial thought as well). Graham’s actually doing this to help raise money for the charity WaterAid, where he’s already wrangled up 2,413.00 pounds. Looks like he may need to raise money for legal fees too.

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