You Too Can Be A Diving Expert In Thailand, Zen-Like Mind Helpful

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Who needs scuba gear, diving experience, or for that matter, oxygen, when you can freedive in the “diving mecca” of Ka Tao in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand? And as discovered in this Times piece, you too can be exploring the depths of the sea like an experienced pearl diver in as little as two days of practice during your trip. It also helps if you’re experienced with the ways of yoga and meditation — two requirements usually not asked when signing up for scuba lessons — so as to help regulate breathing.

“By the end of the two-day course, I was comfortable at 20 metres, a depth that had sounded inconceivable 48 hours earlier. Plus, I was able to dive Ko Tao’s newest underwater site. A boat had recently sunk — without casualty, thankfully — creating a modern wreck around which a kaleidoscope of tropical sea life was investigating.”

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