Where’s The Best Place For Tapas In Spain?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


According to the Guardian, the best place in Spain to visit for some of the best (as well as proximately located) tapas in the country is in the town of Logroño, where close to 50 tapas bars are crammed into a block “the size of four tennis courts.”

But where to start, you may ask? It’s simple, to avoid competition, each locale serves two or three of its signature dishes, making sure to avoid serving anything its neighbors are preparing.

For example:

Bar Soriano specialises in setas – wild mushrooms cooked in garlicky butter then skewered with a shrimp. Opposite, La Aldea is a shellfish paradise – razor clams (navajas) cooked to sweet perfection, juicy clams (almejas) washed down with a copa of bone-dry Barbadillo. Halfway along Calle Laurel, the wood-beamed La Tasca del Pato offers white asparagus grilled with a wrap of Riojan cheese, and txangurrito – a fishcake of crab and shellfish with a rich béchamel.

Is it me or is this hard to read right after you’ve polished off that flavorless sandwich for lunch? This is the kind of thing that makes people give up entire countries and move somewhere where eating is a revelation, not a necessity.

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