Llama Treks – Not Just in Peru Anymore

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ever fancied tossing saddlebags over a llama or two and heading out to explore some awesome mountain terrain? Well now you can…minus the plane ticket to South America.

Redwood Llamas, operating out of Silverton, CO, offers a variety of trekking packages through the nearby San Juan Mountains, from fully guided and geared to solo — just you and the llamas.

They’re trained not to spit at humans, the males have their sharp teeth removed, and they’re even pretty good at deterring bear visits. No, you can’t ride them; but they’ll carry 60 pounds of your gear without blinking.

I take that back — they’re quite fond of blinking those long llama lashes.

To read about one young family’s Colorado llama trek, check out this New York Times article.

* Photo by richardmasoner

  • Jason Thomas

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  • Jon

    I can definitely seeing myself in the San Juans with llamas, that’d be awesome!
    Along the same lines, I’ve caught wind of a few companies starting to use yaks in their Alaska treks.

  • Hal

    Word, Jon. Here's to the resurgence of the unlikely pack animal.

  • Hal

    Yes, the regal-ness that is the llama should be spread around the world!

    Thanks so much for making your photo available through the Creative Commons license, Richard.

  • Richard Masoner

    Llama treks, whoda thunk?

    Thanks for using the photo and the attribution.

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