Go Mideast, My Son

Go Mideast, My Son

The Middle East has been popping up all over the travel webs of late. First, Matt brought us the news of Gulf Air and Iraqi Airways’ plans to begin regular commercial flights into Baghdad. Then, just yesterday, Jon pointed us to a travel article featuring Amman, Jordan‘s capital.

But it doesn’t stop with TheExpeditioner. Over at the Guardian, Annabelle Thorpe’s posted a 5-page writeup on Oman. Once known to travelers only — if at all — for its five-star hotels and exclusive beaches, the rest of the country is quickly opening up to tourism, says Thorpe.

And in a companion piece, “From no-go zone to must-see destination: how a region was reborn,” she describes how Syria and Lebanon have been enjoying traveler’s renaissances of their own.

Will the 21st century see the Middle East become the world’s new Thailand?

I’m okay with that.

* Photo by Hotshoe!

Published on September 02, 2009


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