Travel Sickness May Be Just What You Need

Friday, September 4, 2009

in bed

If you travel, you will get sick… sooner or later it will catch up with you. I have friends that get struck down , literally, on every trip they take. They can set their watch to it. Yet, it doesn’t slow them down in the least.

Even I, iron immune system and all, was driven to a what I now call the “Philipino quick waddle,” away from a beachside birthday dinner of fresh lobster for fear leaving a… well, you get the point. I was bed ridden for over two days, but was it a bad trip? Absolutely not.

This “enlightening” article in Outside, discusses how getting sick while traveling is almost a rite of passage, a story about overcoming adversity, and transformation. Would I have liked to have a few more hours on the sand? Sure, but, in some ways, I have a better story, co-starring the maroon colored toilet in our hotel bathroom.

Of course, I can say that now. As the article says, “getting sick while traveling is one of those tricky accomplishments you simultaneously want to have done and don’t ever want to do.”

That reminds me. I wonder how are fearless Exped leader, Matt, is doing in Africa?

*photo by Perfecto Insecto

By Jon Wick


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