Are Those Ice Spikes On Your Running Shoes?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Okay, so last December you ran the Honolulu Marathon and found it exhilarating. Ready for a new challenge? How about something a little less…tropical?

The Polar Circle Marathon delivers. If you’ve ever felt like running 26 miles through Greenland’s snow-covered moraine hills and across its permanent ice cap, this race is for you.

This year’s event takes place on October 24, when the weather is said to be “normally beautiful and not too cold.” Still, a hat, gloves, extra layers, gaiters, and yes, running spikes, are called for.

The organizers are quick to stress that

“this is first and foremost an adventure…The Polar Circle Marathon® is the perfect way to combine a special running event with exploring one of the most remote and beautiful corners of the world.”

What do you say? Any takers?

* Photo by leszekwasilewski.

  • Jon Wick

    Isn't it great, Julie??!! I love innovation, creativity. How about those crazy statues, too? This world is just too awesome!

  • Julie

    What I love is that you can dream up the most bizarre activity in the world and dang if there won't be a whole passel of people who show up to take part.

  • Jon

    I think I'll pass, but there are all kinds of 'themed' or even 'gimmick' marathons starting to pop up all over the place. The Great Wall (of China) marathon and the (South Korean) DMZ marathon both come to mind.

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