Make Your Reservations Now: Top Destinations… In 10 Years

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In a world where there is an ever present yearning to be ahead of the trends, TheExped wants to announce that, this time, it truly is. Well, sort of. Currently, there are several destinations around the globe that house amazing histories, landscapes, cultures. True to our mission here, we want to get you stoked to visit them… just not right now. Whether it’s political strife, war, or just flat out too dangerous, these destinations are currently a “no go.”

I stumbled on this post highlighting several destinations that qualify, and with a little stability, can easily offer everything they have with the world. Pyongyang, North Korea’s capitol city, is listed as most likely to have the quickest turnaround (with already growing “propoganda tours” offered), certainly ahead of  Somalia (pictured above), a place without a governing body in over fifteen years. Kabul, Afghanistan and Tehran, Iran both hold incredible cultural relics that are sure to attract people, once things settle.

Are there any other places you think we should add to this short list?

With stability comes safety, infrastructure, and plenty of opportunities to grab good cup of coffee, all of which make me want to get some reservations, say, around the year 2020. Not sure yet? Just think about where Dubai was ten years ago.

*Photo by ctsnow

By Jon Wick


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