What Are You Doing With YOUR “All You Can Jet” Pass?

Friday, September 11, 2009


Ok, the big kick off date finally arrived this passed Tuesday. Unfortunately, it seems all of us at TheExpeditioner.com just happen to be too far outside the any Jet Blue destinations, at the moment. That means no one here can take advantage of the incredible “all you can jet” offer by Jet Blue. Those of you who haven’t heard about it, from September to October 8th, the airline is offering unlimited travel to their destinations for $599 USD.

The Intelligent Traveler blog will feature Katie Beddingfield this month, who scored a pass, and plans on making both an eastern and western circuit around America. We’ve also heard of people trying to tally up the most air miles possible, and a duo trying to be on terra firma for less than twelve hours at a time. Some are shooting for records, some are shooting for fun.

That being said, who’s got a ticket? Where are you heading and for how long? Maybe more importantly, do you wanna swing by and pick any of us up? We always love hearing what everyone’s up to, so drop a comment below on any of your plans, plans that are in action, as well as any stories from the air or destinations this pass has taken you to.

 From all of us at TheExpeditioner.com, enjoy your window seats!

By Jon Wick


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Jon lives in Butte, Montana, spending most of his time on skis or bikes; sometimes both. He began travel writing while teaching in Korea and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Technical Communication at Montana Tech. Jon has begun writing his first book, The Story of Will, whose movie rights are still (very) available. Catch more of Jon at TheJonWickproject.wordpress.com. (@ExpedJon)

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