Travel the Eco-World

Sunday, September 13, 2009


If you haven’t had yourself an eco-travel experience yet, don’t worry. You will eventually. This trend in travel is here to stay, and it’s spreading fast.

Writers Richard Hammond and Jeremy Smith (of GreenTraveller) have made it a little easier to find an eco-adventure near you with their book Clean Breaks: 500 New Ways to See the World.

A whopping 500 eco-opps are profiled, spanning both the globe and activity type, and all emphasizing Earth-friendly, low-impact travel. Try, for example, booking a treehouse stay in southern France, or cowboying it up in Venezuela.

Over at, the co-authors recently gave a sneak peek of content on Sydney, Australia. Spoiler alert: none of it involves the Opera House.

Eco it up!

* Photo by Lutherankorean

  • Jon Wick

    I've always wondered if the eco-ness of a destination effects where people choose to travel. Personally, I have altered itineraries to include green 'excursions,' but not entire destinations. I have only scratched the surface of green travel, and have had all great experiences. Any feedback?

    It's nice to see this not only becoming more readily avaliable to everyone, but in the forefront.

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