Pitcairn Island: Get There While You Can

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the bounty

This little island on the edge of the southern Pacific Ocean, is still home to the descendents of the famous “Mutiny On The Bounty.” At least for now.

This Telegraph article notes the people currently living in Pitcairn may be the last generation to eek out a living there. Heavily subsidized by the British government, it just began a campaign to boost tourism, in hopes of sustaining services for its people. Currently without a deep harbor, passengers arrive via long boats, and lacking any major hotels for visitors, home stays seem to be the only current option, it may seem this island is an unattractive destination.

Hold that thought. I see this island as more of a destination because of these reasons. Plans are to improve both the harbor, housing options, and, in time, number of visitors.

You know what that means… Hiltons lining the rocky coastlines, cruise ships queuing up outside the breakwater, and hoards of sunscreen drenched tourists overtaking this oasis in the ocean. Well, that may be an overstatement, I just hope the best for those living there, but you get the point.

Now is the time to go. Your visit might include, among others, a scuba through the wreck of the Bounty (the replica is pictured above), secluded bird watching, and a visit to the island’s singular café afterwards. The intimacy and remoteness of this island could be the most alluring part; an opportunity that is getting harder and harder to come by.

Photo by Milan Boers

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