Going Coast To Coast At 10 MPH

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The all American road trip has been redefined, yet again. Heading from Seattle to Boston is beautiful from the passenger seat, perhaps even more so from the saddle of your touring bike, but on a Segway? Really?

Two guys dropped their corporate jobs to do just that. They bought one of those two wheeled, battery operated, futuristic scooter thingamajigs, and hit America’s back roads, never going faster than 10 miles per hour. They turned the wacky idea into an award winning independent film, and released the hour and thirty minute feature, for a limited time, on Youtube.

Keep in mind, the movie comes with a tongue in cheek warning, “After watching the film, you might just go out and quit your job.” It fails to mention anything about buying a two wheeled scooter, forty eight gazillion batteries, and riding it over 2,000 miles across America… but what you do with your resulting free time is up to you, I suppose.

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