Eating Weirdness Around The Globe

Friday, September 25, 2009


Traveling is about new experiences, right? No matter where you are, from Philly to Phuket, there is a local cuisine to try. Good, bad, repulsive, or even responsive, there are some things people put down which, itself, can easily be the experience you are looking for.

This BootsnAll article outlines ten wacky foods eaten around the world. Balut in the Philippines (an egg boiled and served just before it was due to hatch), a Sardinian bread now banned because of its larvae content, and fried Cambodian tarantulas top my list of “no thank yous.”

I can vouch for two on the list. Puffer fish is delicious, if you can get passed the idea of eating something 1,250 times more poisonous than cyanide (all removed, of course) and the live octopus in Korea, called Sannakji. It’s literally snatched from an aquarium, set on a plate, and served in all its suctioning glory. The charm of this food is more the battle than the taste, and it can truly be a battle. Chew well; it’ll suction itself to anything if you let it.

I’d also like to offer up another wretched delicacy I’ve indulged in, beondegi. This is steamed or roasted silkworm larvae, a hit with the Korean street vendors, and just as gross as it sounds.

Bon appetite!

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