TheExped Is Japan Bound!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


As I wrap up my time in Asia, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to squeeze in a trip to one of the most idyllic of Asian destinations out there: Japan. A few hostel reservations have finally been made between my scouring of the guidebook, forums, and posts here. With my JR Pass officially in hand (it is not available in Japan), I’m nearly on my way. Isn’t trip preparation and anticipation a great aspect of travel?

This is literally Japan 101 for me. The rumors of breaking the bank on the notoriously expensive island have kept me away from there, until now. I’m nearly a stone’s throw away, in Korea, and not visiting Japan would be awfully regrettable, regardless of price. So in just over a week, I will set foot in Tokyo’s Narita Airport for a weeklong whirlwind of the country. Conveyor belt sushi, the heart of modern technology, mesmerizing temples, geisha, and capsules; it’s going to be a phenomenal trip.

With only a week’s time there, I’ve decided to do “classic” Japan; splitting time between Tokyo’s glitzy modernity, and staying grounded in Kyoto’s ancient traditions. Weather permitting, a foray in the direction Mt. Fuji would appease the adventurer in me, but that looks to be a game time decision.

With that rough outline, and my trip notes doing little more than circling specifics, are there any suggestions you could offer? Particular neighborhoods, temples, foods, sites? Matt offered up a great suggestion of Memory Lane, a cool back alley and the inspiration behind “Blade Runner.” Really, the sheer number of possibilities is mind blowing in a place like this, so I’m happy to entertain any suggestions from the seasoned veterans out there. Simply leave a comment below, and I’ll keep you posted until I depart.

While I’m here I’ll be posting entries and pictures as I can. I’m sure there will be enough to share for a while.

  • sakki
    It can be an interesting even of night in TOKYO….. from ALL OVER THE WORLD… People there~

  • Fantastic that you're coming to Japan : ) It doesn't have to be so expensive – you just need to know where to go!

    My big recommendation is not to leave Narita straight away. Spend one night there either when you arrive or before you leave and explore the local town there. The temple is lovely with great grounds to stroll round and the leaves are just starting to turn – we were there last weekend.

    In Tokyo visit a local izakaya – or in Kyoto for that matter. I have a great guest author who has written about some local izakayas here

    Also in Tokyo visit Odaiba… and

    Hmmm what else is a must… I love Spa La Qua in Tokyo Dome – day chilling out here is a lot of fun!

    Have fun : )

    • Many thanks, Honor. I appreciate it!
      I'll be sure to look into these and try to get to them while I'm there. You're right, the notorious expensive Japan can be circumnavigated to some degree, but will still be a shock to the pocketbook after SE Asia. Still, not a deterant enough for me. Thanks for recommending a spa, I want to check out the hot springs there, do you know of any more, maybe in the Kyoto area?

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